Cleaning Up

My garden is producing in full force. As seen in this photo, 2008 will clearly be a bumper crop, because this is what I reaped during the season’s first harvest:

Okay, time to take inventory:

Banana Peppers: 1 (one)
Cherry Tomatoes: 1 (one)
Big Beef tomatoes: 0 (zero)
Red Peppers: 0 (zero)

I should point out, however, that I’ve additionally harvested enough basil for two modest portions of homemade pesto. Deeee-licious.

Switching gears, clearly the cycling industry has been abuzz lately with news of the world’s most prominent teams signing new big time sponsors. High Road has become Team Columbia, CSC will become Saxo Bank, and I’ve noticed the Slipstream boys have been posted in results as Garmin-Chipotle. This is all very cool across the board. Of recent note on Missingsaddle is Will’s post about his new toy, the Garmin 705. While I most certainly think that the 705 is pretty freakin’ rad, I ask how you can even try compete with THIS bad-boy when it comes to moving apartments?!

The BISSELL Healthy Home is helping me move healthfully and sans-airborne toxins out of our apartment and down the street to another fine abode. We’re packing/boxing/moving like mad, yet the clean-up process is beyond easy with my vacuum. Here are a few candid action shots.

(This is in no way a sponsorship plug. Neither is the t-shirt I’m wearing in the above picture.)


  1. josh a

    Who is your sponsor, original Nintendo?

  2. k2

    man with a vacuum… not something we gals see that often. impressive.


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