Turn That Frown Upside Down

Here are the NATION & WORLD headlines from the newspaper I picked up yesterday:
Number of Diabled Vets Increasing
Relief Boat Sinks
Chopper Crash Kills Pilot
Many Indian Farmers Commit Suicide
Coyote Attacks on the Rise
Thefts Rise With Copper Prices
Nepal Detains Protesters

…and so forth. And this doesn’t even include the recent attrocities in Myanmar, tornadoes in the southeast, and earthquake in China. Sure you get the idea that there is hardly any good news this day in age, but it’s just plain insane that this entire 10 page section honestly does not have a single piece of uplifting news! I just happened to make this observation while absorbing the irate travelers in the airport all around me. Seemingly everyone has a frown on their face and stomps around the airport angry at life.

Just today my teamates and I grabbed a quick lunch at Subway where they have a selection of five dollar footlong subs – keyword “selection”. That is, not all footlongs are just five bucks. However, the woman in front of us threw a tantrum because she was being charged a dollar-and-a-half more for her twelve inch sammy. You see, the sign specifically said which subs were five dollars and which were not. Her’s was clearly not. She even went as far as to leave without the sandwich and an aggressive bout of head shaking, exclaiming, “Well then I’m not paying for it!” Sure, we all got a kick out of it and weren’t quite sure why she was so up in arms about it, but that’s besides the point.

THE POINT IS that there’s too much bad news in the world today to be so angry! Moreover a smile, a thank you and corresponding please are enough to make a person’s day. In fact, I told the overworked Subway employee that they’re running a very efficient operation and gave him a very sincere “Have a nice day.”

So giddy up my loyal readers, put on a smile, and have a nice day!


  1. nick nud

    great post! I frequent Subway and its five dollar footy and it is incredible the diversity of its client base. Just yesterday all in the same visit a kid dropped his full coke on my feet and the man in front of me actually wanted a taste sample of all the different breads. Nice work at Joe Martin!

  2. josh a

    I have not heard of this 5cakes Subway deal, but I am now inclined to go check it out. Normally, I avoid Subway because I hate how the Subway executive chefs count the slices of turkey, cheese and even pickles on the subs. Weird.

    Also, way to be killing it this season. A win in AR and now a 4th in the Hood! Please never come back to the Exeter ride!

  3. iamtedking

    “Subway executive chefs” is flippin’ hilarious. I agree that the ‘way is no Quiznos, but the five dollar footy is a pretty smoking deal. I’m also surprised you havent heard the five dollar foot long ditty on TV. It’s annoyingly memorable.

  4. Zoo

    I’ve see that commercial on TV so much that I can never get the jingle out of my head, drives me nutz. I like the Godzilla one. 😛


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