The Temple of Doom

The “Temple of Doom” is what I’ve nicknamed Scott and Garrett’s
hotel room. No further comment, although might offer more details. Particularly pay attention to the comments.

The only thing better than winning my first NRC here in Arkansas at Joe Martin is winning it, finishing by noon, then watching the entire Indiana Jones trilogy on TV. Thanks USA Television Network for nine hours of viewing pleasure!

Indiana Jones is one BAMF. He’s a bit like McGiver but with a PhD and a pimp for a father. I mean seriously, the guy just took down a Nazi tank with a horse and his whip!

Good tough crit tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, a huge round of applause goes out to Slipstream for winning the Giro’s opening TTT. That’s phenomenal.


  1. Karl

    Congrats on winning yesterday! That’s awesome!

  2. the non-Amurican

    One of many more to come, right? Congrats. Been close a number of times, time to pop one open now.

  3. josh a

    Awesome job over the weekend! Let’s hope it starts a winning streak.


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