Impeccable Timing!


The timing of my last blog entry entitled “Bathroom Humor” and dealing
with poop (the non-bodily type) made me laugh since my college put out
a young alumni newsletter with a feature article about me as well as a
link to my blog. I immediately got a handful of emails from friends
whom I hadn’t spoken to in a while who were entertained that I spend
my time musing over bathroom-talk. LIVING THE DREAM!

So in order to raise the sophistication of my blog, this entry
pertains to gardening. Namely my new potted garden that’s located on
my front steps. I’m a vegetable gardener growing tomatoes, peppers
(red and hot), and basil. I have six plants in all and they’re green,
lush, and beautiful! They say that only smart people garden, so I
certainly agree with that statement.

…even if it means that I just made up that saying now.


  1. Math Wiz

    I’m only counting five plants….which makes me question the smart person claim you make in your blog.

  2. iamtedking

    I applaud your counting skills Math Wiz, however believe what I say and not what you see. I took a picture of my plants, then purchased one more plant, and subsequently wrote the blog post. Six plants in total.


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