Very well done to Tommy Tommy for figuring out TKOM. However a slightly more difficult test is to figure out what TKNLKOM means. The answer is at the bottom.

So Brasstown was yesterday and it went just as expected besides unscrambling the top 3. Holy smokes that High Road guy put together an impressive ride! Beating Levi on an HC climb? Thats simply loco! I just have no idea what its like to climb at that level, but imagine that its accurate to describe it as painful. My hope was to be in the day’s early move, swallow up some KOM points to clinch the jersey. I was in a pretty promising move with just about every team represented except Slipstream. So SS was full bore on the front pulling us back; plus when the Astana rider dropped back to the peloton to help chase us back I had a pretty sure feeling that we were soon going to be caught. Yup.

Soon after that a group of 7 slipped away and then it was big rollers before the consecutive cat 1, cat 2, cat HC climbs. Apparently yesterday took more out of me than I though because once Tommy D attacked on the first climb I was soon going backwards. Which leads me to the answer of today’s quiz…

Answer: Ted King No Longer King Of The Mountain

It was pretty cool having my name on the back of my jersey, especially since it said KING on a KOM jersey. However after talking to Rory about it, we decided that before the next big tour we’re going to change our last name to “Awesome” because that’d look very original and stylish on a jersey.

Lastly, but still very important, the poorly lit picture above is Pete who is the big rig driver of our RV throughout the week. He, along with a whole slew of other people, have been awesome and so helpful to the BISSELL team throughout the tour. They do the thankless jobs that no one notices but are mandatory and make our jobs as riders much simpler. So a very sincere thank you to the staff who have made this week a success!



  1. Mike Sayers

    Ted King No Longer King of the Mountains?

  2. iamtedking

    DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner!

    …although it couldn’t have been that hard since there was a cheat sheet answer half way down this blog entry. Apparently my post was only engrossing enough to have you read the first half. Darn. Maybe I’ll add nudity to keep readers enthralled for the entire entry.


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