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…and clearly Robbie is having a superb time.

Speaking of baseball, how ’bout them Red Sox?! Best record in baseball
at 13-7! Sure it’s only 3 weeks into an obscenely long season, but I’m
thinking of October.

Unfortunately my single hot dog at the game was one too many because
around 1am that night – technically the next morning – I was rudely
woken to my stomach telling my legs to hurriedly carry me to the
bathroom, because HERE COMES THAT HOT DOG! Yuuuup, food poisoning.
With the Tour of Georgia on the horizon at that point, I was
concerned. However, after sleeping the remainder of the night
aggressively tossing and turning, I was soon on an upward trajectory
feeling better by the hour. Alas, one 24 hour bug later, I was feeling
fine again. Phew.

Catching up to speed, Mayo very generously donated her time to drive
me to the start town of Tybee Island. (Thanks darling.) It was a
pleasant enough 5 hour drive and sure beats the alternative of two
layovers to fly Asheville to Savannah. She returned to NC this morning
so now with the morning spin out of the way, I’m now laying on my back
in awe with how utterly lazy the life of a professional cyclist is
while at stage races. Our chief concern – besides racing – is to exert
ourselves as minimally as possible. I think I’ve spent 95% of my
waking hours staring somewhere between the ceiling and the TV.
Motivation also seems to disappear; instead of doing something mildly
productive like read a book, I generally end up testing the durability
of the Channel-Up button. I think I’ve scanned through the entire
channel selection 328 times since last night. Although I just stumbled
onto Napolean Dynamite… hilarious.

In any event, that all changes tomorrow st 10:30am… race time!

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  1. Karl

    Great job in the break today! And you’re moving up in the GC… Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Michigan Mark

    Dude, TdG stage 5…150 km in the breakaway, AND you finished with the lead group?!?! That’s hardcore.

  3. keith weil

    awesome day for you and the whole team. great day for us cycling. good luck

  4. josh a

    I fear the day you return to take on the Exeter ride. FEAR.


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