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Divert your eyes! E-gads Aaron your shoes are blinding! Hollogram
rainbowy colors on the new Sidis, ladies and gents. I think they
retail for like 7g’s so only people like PT can pull these bad boys
off. Only two words can describe these shoes: sa-weet.

Redlands just finished up yesterday with a healthy dose of the black
lung for half the team. The new circuit race course on Friday seemed
to take most people by surprise with one quarter of the peloton OTL
and only one quarter in the front group. Well, the FRONT front group
contained six strong dudes – Burke included – and then the main
peloton was the aforementioned one quarter.

Then Sunset is always a doozy and this year didn’t disappoint. It was
a crashed marred race with a whole bunch of people content to ride
around oblivious to the 150 other racers. Uuugh. Omer was the
unfortunate victim of a crash a mere 5 miles in that broke his
collarbone and left Burke and Jeremy scrambling to catch back on.
Thankfully Burke made it and impressively rode to a third place
overall for the weekend. Jeremy just got some hard man training in by
time trialing with Richard for the remaining 90 miles.

My race was prematurely finished when residents of Sunset loop were
watering their desert lawns, thereby causing a small stream to pass
along an off camber uphill turn, thereby causing a nasty slide by the
rider directly in front of me at 50k/h. Cause and effect. Everything
was hunky dory with me running him over until I got mower down from
behind by the 80 people needing to make the turn as well. Someone
apparetly landed on my head because my helmet broke and my head hurts.
Oh well, no broken bones for me so I’ll now stop complaining.

Heal up Omer!

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  1. Dave

    ouch, that sucks dude, hope you’re okay


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