Bathroom Humor

Here I am doing an LA Times crossword puzzle calendar. I think the LA Times is second only to New York Times in reputability, difficulty, and enjoyment. Let’s work one of these answers out, shall we?

3 Down – Four letter word with the clue, “Inside info”…?

Okay let’s work it out. It starts with a P. Hmmm, not much help.

Well,  “Letter-shaped hardware” is UBOLT, so we’re up to P-O-blank-blank. Still nothing.

Next, “Flirtatious looks” is GOOGOOEYES, so we now have P-O-O-blank. Weird. There aren’t many words you can spell with those three letters starting the word.

Lastly, “Kent’s alter ego” is obviously SUPERMAN leaving us with POOP! POOP?! Seriously? Inside info is POOP?!

Turns out that’s the correct answer; given this is a calendar, all the answers are on the following page. I’ve certainly never seen POOP in a crossword puzzle. This is a first.

I gotta jet; my second cup of coffee is making me have to “inside info”…


  1. Don

    Would read again!!!1!

  2. Brian

    Ted, congrats on making the Midd Young Alumni Newsletter. Too bad this write-up about “inside info” was not included as a way of justifying your education.

    Say hi to Fujii and Ben for me. Interested in an August whiffle-ball tourney?



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