NPR tells me that an Obama staffer recently resigned amidst scrutiny that she called Hillary Clinton a “Monster.” Very ouch. I think a much better political tactic would be to advise the world to check out this video. Regarless of party affiliation, this would have garnered support for whomever recommended this video. In this case, me. Therefore, jot down my name on your next election ballot’s write-in section.

They say that you’re far less likely to laugh out loud when you’re alone as compared to when you’re surrounded by other people witnessing something funny. Whether or not you’re alone as you watch this, if you DON’T laugh out loud at his video, then there is possibly something wrong with your frontal lobe (that’s where the humor-processing pathway of your brain exists, important for cognitive reasoning).

Press play again, watch, laugh. Repeat.


  1. TZ

    Bush has got some freestyle skills!
    Hey on a more serious note – I checked the spring series results and was disturbed to see that you probably would have secured the overall if you would have skipped ToC. Next year, maybe you should prioritize!

  2. Joao Correia

    condie looks pissed and dennis well dennis needs to lay off the bacon

  3. nikki

    That’s pretty funny. And I agree, anyone who doesn’t laugh out loud, alone or not, does need to be checked out.


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