What Is She Doing…

I never know what she’s doing back there?

I’m looking for a new cellular unit and the EyeFone is looking pretty sweet. If anyone knows where I can score one in the sub-ten-dollar price range and correspondingly monthly service fees not exceeding two quarters, please let me know.



  1. Scott

    Congrats on making the California roster! Best of luck to you and the entire team!
    The Woomer Family

  2. Karl

    Good luck! I’ll be somewhere on the sidelines cheering you on!

  3. ryank

    What I do at work:
    1. ToC tour tracker.
    2. Select Edward King as a rider to track.
    3. Scream at the GPS tracking.

    Hope you can hear it.

  4. brent

    Lookin good up in the break today Ted!!!

  5. Scott Woomer

    Great ride today! It was awesome to watch on the ToC website! Congratulations! Stay dry and warm!

  6. ryank

    Ahhhhh! So close! It was great to see you in the break today. Josh Austin and I were watching it online while riding the rollers at the Whit tonight, SCREAMING at the computer and scaring everyone else around us.

    Fantastic! Have some food or something. I’m sure you’ll feel GREAT tomorrow.

  7. iamtedking

    Ha ha. I would have been able to hear except for the pouring rain the entire day. That or my ear drums being frozen shut. What a painful day.

  8. josh a

    Man, how bad do your legs hurt this morning?! Nice job yesterday.

  9. Frank

    Ted! Frank from Asheville. I blogged you on my blog! Check it out! Question: How did you finish 11 minutes back after being in the break away?

  10. Frank

    Oh, the blog address! http://fobusek.blogspot.com/

  11. iamtedking

    Answer: the break dwindled from 11 to 6. I was glad to make it that far, but had no snap whatsoever. So when the attack went, I tried (feebley) to catch it, but had nothing to show for it. About 10 minutes later, CSC blazed by me at mach speeds chasing down the lead in hopes of setting up JJ. I had NOTHING in the tank after 6 hours/125 miles/rain rain rain and just soft pedaled to the finish.



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