Unit 23, come in 23! Do you need me out there? Do you need my assistance?

11 comments in the previous post.  A new record. Bam.

I generally try to avoid writing about racing and instead focus on tidbits of life off the bike. However, on stage 3 of Tour of California this year, I had a funny experience that’s worthy of the blog: After about 4 hours of racing, I reached into my right rear pocket for a delicious 1st Endurance bar and instead yanked out my cell phone! I’d eaten a couple of bars already, but apparently hadn’t yet felt my cellular unit and was totally surprised with this discovery. I admit felt like some thing of an idiot since I rarely ride with my phone and definitely don’t purposely race with it, but also decided that I’d be a fool to not take advantage of this situation. Much to Nick Reistad’s dismay, I didn’t go as far as make a phone call (although that would have been pretty awesome), but I did take some discrete camera phone pics.

The groupetto climbing Sierra. Mind you, half of this group is ProTour, so we’re still pretty darn elite:


Garrett planning his last minute groupetto attack to overtake Pipp, who was talking smack earlier in the stage:


Self portrait. Beautiful:


So the lesson learned here today is this: if you’re lucky enough to find a cell phone in your pocket, be extra cool and call me. (Caution: USCF/UCI rules for in race communication are probably strictly applicable to radios. You might get booted from the race for making a phone call.)


  1. g

    What are you doing? I am getting ready for bed…Ann brought Scotty and I cookies…too bad you were not my roommate!

    Still wishing Scotty would have gotten a large McFlurry cause then you would have gotten a large and thus I would have enjoyed a large and all would have been satisfied and happy!

    Night…see you at 745 am!

  2. Rod

    Classic. You could order a pizza for one of the team cars next time.

  3. Michigan Mark

    Dude!! Awesome job in the breakaway Wednesday! That must have been a brutal day. Way to represent Michigan…even for a nor’easter. And I would say Boonen and Cipollini make for a pretty elite grupetto.

    You’ll have to ask Tom Z. if his ride in the TT Friday tops his course record that he set at the Ada Time Trial here in Michigan in August ’06…

    Go Bissell!

  4. Michigan Mark

    No I guess the breakaway was Thursday, whoops.

  5. frank

    i think if you check the results from stage 3 you will see that i dusted pelts in the sprint! i will continue to talk smack then.

  6. iamtedking

    Yeah I saw that. You also dusted him on stage 6 in the sprint. He just can’t seem to beat you!

  7. Brian


    I love the “Super Troopers” reference. I hope you and Mayo are doing well!


  8. Biker Dave

    Awesome week for you and the entire Bissell team. Get some rest and get ready for Redlands or what ever is next on the calendar.

  9. ryank

    This is probably one of the funniest things I have read in a while.

    Maybe next time you should put a Gameboy in there. Bust out some Tetris mid-pack. Everyone will be jealous, for sure.

  10. ryank

    Does this look like spit to you?
    Yeah Farva, it does.

  11. Huck

    Comment TEN, i will write a couple more once you hit 11, so you can smash the record!

  12. josh a

    Littering and…littering and…

  13. k2

    new record…

    next time get some better “booty” shots.

  14. iamtedking

    Super Troopers… classic. Team camp at times seemed more like an effort to flawlessly quote movies than riding. I think in part it was to put a positive spin on the seemingly endless days of rain. Don’t get me wrong – there was definitely ample riding throughout the two weeks of camp.


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