This time of year, riders often experience aches and pains because of relatively minute changes in one’s bicycle fit. Cyclists in general are typically very particular in how their bike fits them, so that even the most microscopic change in saddle height or pedal position will throw their entire position competely into cahoots. You could call it the Princess and the Pea Syndrome. As I was saying, this time of year is particularly tough because we’re hopping on new bikes with new saddles, new shoes, new pedals, and so forth. These knee, ankle, hip, and back pains can also segue into other problems, such as the much dreaded saddle sores. When those get bad, as a rider, it seems that there’s really nothing worse. There are the obvious physical problems, but it’s also a mental battle wondering when you’ll be healed. In a word: ow.

I believe, however, that I’ve found a cure for the uncomfortable saddle issue in my day to day interactions around our house! I’m often found in the same position for as much as an hour or two, once or sometimes twice a day. Sleek ergonomics and a supple yet stiff material make this particular seat a must try for every cyclist. Notice the waviness and angles accentuated by the shadowing. This is more than your average “saddle.”

I present to you the SuperPooperComfort-2000.



  1. ryank

    Way to rock MS Paint.

  2. iamtedking

    I don’t know what you’re talking about…? That’s an authentic photograph.

  3. Huck

    Wicked bro, welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing you soon! xoxo

  4. Freeman

    You make my day!


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