Becoming One With Nature

I’m riding my bike again. I was officially cleared by the good doctors at Access Sports Medicine last Wednesday, roughly three and a half weeks after my human bowling ball experiment in Australia. It feels excellent to be able to ride again, and relatively pain free. The human body is an amazing being.

In the meantime while waiting for the all-clear to ride again, I took up hiking. They were very mellow hikes with an estimated elevation change of about 12 feet over the course of an hour long expedition. Then one day while spending time in Vermont with Mayo, we decided on a portion of the Long Trail near Bromley Mountain. Thankfully I brought my set of carabiners, because this was an epic hike. Oh, I brought my Camelback too. Wisely. The light at the end of this proverbial tunnel was left over Halloween candy. Mayo brought two pieces, which we shared at the half-way mark. In this picture, she’s hoarding one piece which warranted a tongue gesture by yours truly.
My dear friend Scott Nielsen made the trek up to Vermont the same weekend, which was superb. I don’t have any good pictures (nor any pictures, for that matter) of us hanging out, but the sky was particularly impressive which looked like an epic fire in the sky. This picture doesn’t do complete justice to the scene, but it was one of the more amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.


  1. curtis

    Hey Ted…. it is curtis from missingsaddle. hey do you want to switch you blog over to i will give you the details later. shoot me an email at

  2. Thor

    Ooh Teddy, being recruited by the Man (missingsaddle). Fight the power! JK
    Hey, I’m so happy to hear you’re riding again. Good stuff. And that pic of the dude on the rollers is one of the coolest of all time. skills.


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