Tennis anyone?

Actually, getting on tennis courts is a tough task on the lovely island of Nantucket. After US Pro two weeks ago (which… went. I finished 26th out of 31 finishers out of 120 starters. Decent but plenty of room for improvement. Not much more needs to be said), Mayo and I packed up and shot down to Nantucket for five amazing days and one wedding. It was our first time to the island, and is a stark contrast to Squirrel Island. The list of differences is lengthy, beginning with bicycles being disallowed on Squirrel and finishing with the many stores on Nantucket and lack thereof on Squirrel. They’re both awesome places, though.

The trip was pretty darn amazing. In a nutshell, I saw a ton of Middlebury friends who I hadn’t seen in ages – most of them since I graduated in February ’06. The weather was perfect, dare I say exciting… See, there was nary a cloud in the sky the entire five days, but there was prevailing 30mph winds for most of the week. That was most exciting during the wedding ceremony itself, which took place on the water.

Other highlights of the weekend include:

-A trip to the never-ending beach. Leland and I took a stroll into the water near to this picture below, and after walking straight out towards the ocean for three straight minutes, the water was still only up to our shins. So I dropped down, swam in the 12 inches of water for two seconds just to say I swam, and then we walked back.
-Super duper location
-Rehearsal dinner of lobbys, steamers, corn, etc.
-Some excellent pastels
-And lots of good friends.

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