What a kick butt weekend. It was quick, but action packed. I flew from the small Manchester Airport (a haven for nose-to-the-grindstone TSA workers) to the significantly smaller Traverse City, MI airport on Friday afternoon. We stayed at our generous team sponsor Bob’s house, which is picturesquely located on the sandy beach of northern Lake Michigan.

Side note: Morgan and I swam in the lake after the race on Saturday afternoon. I consider myself a close cousin of the polar bear, because I’ve recently braved the frigid waters of Nantucket and mid-coast Maine, but HOLY MOLY this water should have had iceburgs floating around in it! The day time high Saturday might have hit 57 degrees, but that’s probably an overestimation. Now back to the story…

Saturday’s race, the Tour of Leelanau, featured a whole slew of teams including: Jittery Joe’s, Toyota, Kelly Benefits, JetFuel, the Mexican National Team, and others. Obviously a certain Tour of Missouri attracted some of the nation’s top notch teams, but the UCI North American ProTour ranking given to Leelanau still brought some top talent. With only 6 riders per team allowed, the race turned into a game of numbers early on. We and Kelly had 4 guys in break which made for an even duel, but after some crafty racing, it was 4 vs 3, then 2 vs 3, then 2 vs 2, then 4 vs 2. In the end, we out foxed them with some impeccable tactical skills which allowed us to nab 3 of the top 5 places, including 1st. Garrett and Scott rode particularly heroically, taking 1st and 3rd, but the whole team rode like rock-stars. This may have been a result of our director telling us that we’re all fired unless we win the race in front of our home-state sponsors. Hey, whatever works, right?!

After a memorable (or forgetful…) party that night, to celebrate the culmination of a successful year of racing, I flew home early Sunday morning. Sadly, it wasn’t early enough to make it home to the Portsmouth Criterium. This race is close to my heart since a) it’s my home race just 20 minutes away from where I sleep each night and b) the King brothers are two time reigning champions, with Robbie topping the podium in 2005 and me in 2006 (here’s a sweet blast from the past!). Alas, last year’s runner up, Mike Cody, dethroned the King brothers with Robbie just inches away in 2nd place. A heroic effort, or so I’m told, so congratulations Robbie on a bittersweet 2nd place.

The best thing that happened between about 7pm and 9pm on Sunday night was when I went to the afterparty and won a raffle for a pair of Oakley Radar glasses. They’re HOT PINK! (click here to see them.) I either have to sell them to T-Mobile or scorch everyones’ eyes who looks in my direction. They’re so rad.

And that, my friends, is an epoch weekend.


  1. annoying smart ass

    I think you mean epic. As in extending beyond the usual or ordinary. Epoch is a period of time in history, most often used to describe a unit of the geological time scale. It’s also a term used in computing to describe time benchmarking. In UNIX the epoch is midnight UTC on January 1, 1970.

  2. Anonymous

    Soo…now that the road season is over, what does your cross schedule look like?

    from: the guy you met in the airport after the tour de georgia (the one that flew from AK to see the race)

  3. iamTedKing

    Wow. Where to begin. I was obviously referring to a period of time in history; namely, my personal history as it took place over the weekend of September 14-16. Another definition is, a memorable date. Once again, yes, it was a memorable date, since it warranted a blog entry. It was a far more awesome weekend than normal, in fact. However, if you’re still believing at this point that I really meant epoch, then you simply don’t know my humor. I consider myself a fairly well education individual and therefore am happy to announce that I knew the definition of epoch long before your enlightening comment (I didn’t know about the UNIX sense of the word. Thank you for that little tid-bit of info). Moreover, I am proudly an educated cyclist. Everything is epic in cycling-speak. “Dude, that was an epic race!” Other examples include: epic ride, epic trip, epic crash, epic epoch. The list goes on.

    Truth be told, thanks for the comment. It’s been fun to respond.

  4. iamTedKing

    Dear anonymous,
    The road season never really ends for me in 2007. Our last road race was the Tour of Leelanau, but I’m going with a few guys from the team to Australia and NZ for the SunTour and Tour of the Southland from the middle of Oct through the middle of Nov. Between now and then, I’ll take some time off, then train a bit, do some local late season races, dabble in cyclocross, and practice my Australian accent. Once back from Aus/NZ I’ll take 24 hours off and get ready for the 2008 season.

    Maybe 36 hours off if I’m feeling tired from 10 months of racing and one flight across the globe.

    And yourself? You’re a recent college graduate, if I remember correctly. What’s new with you?

  5. Kyle

    Well Ted, I think I may give it a go in the local CNY cyclocross series. Going from the hot, dry road racing to the dirt, mud, barriers and frigid temperatures of the northeast should be fun. And yes, a recent college graduate I am. However, I chose to stay in school, continuing my studies in biology at a university in northern New York. Well keep on keepin’ on with the racing and living the dream my man, and don’t forget to post, they’re fun to read.

    And be sure to post if you’re racing in NY

  6. iamTedKing

    Kyle, you should make the trip to lovely NH and MA this weekend for a pair of cross races. NH is New Boston on Saturday and MA is Bedford on Sunday. Both are on bikereg. I’m sooo there. Where is Univ of NORTHERN NY? Sounds like it’d be way up there? Canada?

  7. Kyle

    Unfortunately, there won’t be any cross races for me this weekend, the folks are coming up for a visit. As far as the university goes, I just meant that it was a university in northern NY, Potsdam to be more specific. But thats a great idea, I should plan a lil roadie over to “lovely NH”…good call.

  8. Garrett

    Tedward I miss watching “To Catch a Predator” with you. Also good news I started wearing underwear!


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