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Mayo’s father is a pretty amazing photographer. The family gallery’s website is currently unnavigable, but here it is anyway:

Mayo and her parents came out to Binghamton, NY for the Chris Thater Criterium, as well as our good friends the Noakes, Mayo, and friend/Terry coworker Abby. Nobu took a whole bunch of pictures of the entire day; here’s one that is particularly good since it has so much going on: in the foreground, there’s the five of us in the breakaway going up the hill. On the sidewalk, there’s my entire cheering squad: Abby, Pattie, Mayo, Annie, and David. Notice me going to the back of the line with a big smile on my face, taking it all in!

Mayo is a former quasi employee of the team, so she knows her stuff when it comes to the feed zone. This handoff is particularly smooth and easy.And sadly, here’s the rest of the field that is ramping up the speed that will eventually spell my race winning move’s demise. What a bunch of party poopers.


  1. Anonymous

    Great Photo’s and write up. It’s amazing that everyone is smiling except the other four riders in the break.


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