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Nothing terribly earth shattering to report. Tour of Elk Grove has come and gone and if racing three consecutive races (two of them abnormally lengthy) on the nearly the exact same course as one another is your type of thing, then come on out to Elk Grove, IL! I don’t mean to be flippantly negative towards this race, but the promoters really need to be open and accepting of riders’ input if they want to hold a race worthwhile. Basically, it was 110 pro cyclists all with their inner monologue saying, “Thisisstupid,thisisstupid,thisisstupid,
thisisstupid,thisisstupid,thisisstupid…” for 48 hours. Whatever.

Robbie and I are now in Milwaukee between races in Chicago marking my second trip to the lovely state of Wisconsin. The beer seems to flow like, well, beer. The highlights include a great stay at our friends Matt and Jen’s house, the food, and a trip to Miller Park for a Brewers game.

That was a particularly good time, although the Brew Crew got pumped. Frankly I’m not a fan of the NL and couldn’t really care less who won or lost. Although I had a good time getting Matt riled up with my editorial comments in regards to the Brewers particularly unskilled play and then watching Robbie (rightfully) flip his lid on this giant toolbag who was throwing sunflower seeds in our general direction.
So it’s off to Downers Grove, IL to contest the US Professional Criterium Championships on Sunday. I don’t pride myself on being a criterium expert, but today’s horoscope lead me to believe that I have something positive coming my way in my line of work that will lead to an increase in pay. Sounds good.

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