Boom Boom, Shake the Room

At lovely Elk Grove and then in Downers Grove, my deft bike handling skills were put to the test and sadly snapped to record two crashes in consecutive weekends. I crash less often than most people and take pride in the fact that my skin remains relatively intact throughout the bike racing season. So the two crashes pretty much stunk. I even wore my new SRAM socks, which I liked to think were going to be my lucky socks. Apparently not. My good luck (err… good skill, rather) returned yesterday in Binghamton, NY for the Chris Thater Criterium. It’s a tougher than average criterium featuring some screaming fast, off camber corners, and a lengthy hill every lap. I started the breakaway of the day which stayed away for 2/3 of the race, but was unfortunately caught with a mere 3 laps to go. Kyle Walmsly rode like a fiend and attacked for the win with a half lap to go; this is especially impressive since he was in the break with me all day. Sheesh, well done.

That’s my first real race update in about 18 months, so I hope it satiated your race report needs.

Peace out.

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