Bummer, man!

A funny thing happened to me today in today’s Cascade Classic bike race. It wasn’t Ha Ha funny, it was more Oh $%!# funny…

So there I was climbing the 6 miles up to the finish of a hot 80 mile road race. I heard something go clunking down the road and didn’t think much of it until 10 seconds later when I glanced down at my handlebars and noticed my GPS was missing! After finishing the stage (which BJM won!) we descended the climb heading back to Bend and sadly found the remnents. After counting how many pieces are missing and looking at the damage, I’m estimating that half of the race caravan ran it over.

(For those out of the loop, GPS’s are the latest in cycling computer technology. Rather than using magnets and counting revolutions of a bike wheel, they use satalites to calculate speed, distance, elevation, etc. They’re about 1/2 the size of an iPod and clip to one’s handlebars… unless they mysteriously unclip and bounce down the road. Sad. )


  1. Biker Dave

    Well know you have to stay with the group so you don’t get lost. And at least it wasn’t your power meter.

  2. iamTedKing

    …funny thing, the power meter’s screen inexplicably cracked last week. It’s on warranty so that’s good, but still kind of funny and random.


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