Playing in the Mud

Question: What’s more manly that facial hair, mud, and diesel powered heavy machines?

Answer: Nothing.
For the past few decades, we at the King household have had a wonderful backyard. It’s about 2 1/2 acres of lush grass surrounded by tons of trees, where growing up we could play awesome games like tag, hide and go seek, baseball, or whatever else sounds cool to a kid. Last year, however, the yard became a quagmire. The spring showers turned to May flooding and the yard became a muddy mess. We hoped that it was just due to the excessive amounts of rain last year and perhaps 2007 would be just like the previous 20 years. Sadly, that was not the case. Robbie is a fairly industrious fellow, so he rented a front and back loading tractor with the hopes of digging up the current (presumably broken) drainage pipes in the yard, lay new pipe, cover with rocks, and grow new grass. It all sounds simple enough – if that were only the case.

Despite the wise adage that a good carpener doesn’t blame his tools, the tractor was not capable of the task at hand. When we drove even remotely close to the flowing water to begin digging, the tractor sank. For the next 90 minutes Robbie and I worked our tails off to remove it from the axel deep mud.

This is what we hoped would happen. Robbie looks rather productive in this shot… our productivity didn’t last very long:

This is what eventually happened:

As for the facial hair reference, Robbie grew a beard which looks perfectly in it’s place on the tractor operator.


  1. Robbie King

    That’s right, nothing is manlier than those things. And us. Booya. What a fiasco. Race fast at Somerville.

  2. Benjaminiac

    looks like you guys should just drive the tractor across the lawn, lay pipe in the ensuing tracks and bingo, done!

  3. iamTedKing

    Hmmm, yeah that’s actually not a bad idea. You’d just need to have a winch so that we could rip the tractor out of the mud once we’re axle deep. Keep ripping it up Ben.

  4. Benjaminiac

    just winch the thing straight across th yard, it’s save on gas.


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