yip yap yup

I just heard a funny story on tv about a guy who stole a car from a car dealership, then returned the next week – pretending to be a legitimate customer – and tried to exchange the car for a bigger one. He was busted. ‘Nuf said.

I’m now in Rochechacha. I was bored yesterday, so on my day off from riding I set out for a quick stroll around town. The weather was nice, so I figured it was a good way to stretch my legs. It soon became Forrest Gump-ish, since I really didn’t have a destination and it ended up being nearly 2 hours of consistant walking around town. I was wearing my Crocs, so now my feet hurt.


  1. Anonymous

    you wear crocs? come on…


  2. iamTedKing

    dude, I love my crocs. They’re the most convenient, comfortable things I own. Unless I go for long walks.

  3. Omer Kem

    I can attest to the fact that Ted King wears his crocs everywhere….

  4. joe1265


    Any chance you’ll be in Michigan May 19/20????

    If so, we’d love to have you racing at the Tour of Kensington Valley!

    Check out out at:


    Hope to see you there!!!


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