I’m Not Laughing

Want to hear a cruel joke? I arrived in Rochester last Monday where the temperatures were in the upper 60s, the wind was calm, and the sky was blue.
A week later, it’s now 24 degrees, gusting 20 mph winds, and SNOWING.
Hardy har har har.


  1. Anonymous

    Yea, but you’ll be in sunny Virginia tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous

    Welcome to Rochester. You live in the city?

  3. Dave

    Welcome back to the Northeast!

  4. iamTedKing

    I sort of live in the city. My girlfriend is working there, so whenever I’m home from races, I tend to call Rochester “home.”

    Oh, and sunny virginia is a farce! You should have said, “Yeah, but you’ll be in snowy and freezing Virginia tomorrow!”

  5. Fairport Dave

    Oh I don’t know you looked pretty hot during the race. Oh that’s right H*LL did freeze over just for the US Open. I hope Georgia provides better weather for you.


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