Hi Dudes,
Bienvenidos a la Redlands! We said a sorrowful goodbye to the Chavez family on Tuesday and then hit the road to Redlands. Our stay in Clovis was rather epic – it was pretty much 3 weeks of enjoyment kickin it with Frank, Jennifer, Garrett, and Noah. Between eating, riding, visiting coffee shops, doing crossword puzzles, and slaying Tetris on original Game Boy those were 3 awesome weeks.

Sooooo keeping it brief, I’m in Redlands now and we’ve completed 2 of 4 stages. Today was rather brutal featuring 100 miles of racing with a 6 mile nonstop climb to the finish. Ben JM continues to impress with a very close 2nd place finish in the opening TT and then a top 5 (or maybe 6) finish today.

HOME on Monday!

ta ta


  1. Huck

    You should also mention that you are kicking arse too mate! Also, i know how great its going to be for you and Mayo on Monday, so have a ball and say g’day to her too mate! Love from Tommy


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