Turn it to the side and C'HELLO!

In the words of Snoop Dogg, I’m going going back back to Cali Cali. We’re now settling nicely into Clovis, CA right outside of Fresno. It’s an optimal location for us this time of year since the next three weekends of racing are all within an hour of driving (Merced last week is an hour north. Fresno this week is about a mile away. Visalia next week is an hour south. Easy as pie!)

Speaking of pie, for Robbie’s birthday I baked him one of my mom’s famous birthday cakes. It was an impressive concoction since I was operating in a kitchen that is very foreign to me and lacked many of my standard baking tools. It also had to survive the trip in the van from Clovis up to Merced. In the end, it successfully made the trip north and was clearly a surprise to Robo as seen here

(The very observent readers will notice that Robbie has a plastic knife in his right hand. That, along with his fake face of surprise will lead you to the truth that this picture was in fact staged.)

Staying on the topic of food, I’ve never had the chance to eat SPAM in my 24 years of life… until last week. Our host Garrett was pretty excited to show me his three-pack of SPAM that he received for Christmas and was even more excited to fry some up for dinner. He finds mayonnaise to be the best topping, whereas I opted for mustard. The stuff really isn’t that bad. But I think I probably won’t have any more for another 24 years or so.Here’s a shot of the team in the middle of our morning-productivity-hour. This is generally around 9 or 10am, after eating breakfast and before we head out to ride. The most notable reason I got the camera out was to take a picture of an original Nintendo Game Boy being used by Omer in the foreground. As Omer will admit, he’s a “Tetris junkie.” He’s been using his cell phone to play Tetris for the past few months, so this is a step in the right (larger, more old school) direction. Tom Z is off on the right slowly working through a day-old crossword puzzle. I would have long since thrown it away, but Tom shows more resiliancy that I. Then off to the left is Scott online. I really don’t know what cyclists did before the advent of the internet.


  1. Huck

    see you in a couple of days mate, looking forwadr to it!!!!

  2. Omer Kem

    The best part was the sweet smell of caramelizing spam meat….


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