The word is derived from the Nahuatl word xocolatl

So as to be not left out of the cool group (i.e. my teammates), I would like to declare via my blog that BEN JACQUES MAYNES OF THE PRIORITY HEALTH TEAM P/B BISSELL WON THE CENTRAL VALLEY CLASSIC THIS PAST WEEKEND! (Click here for corresponding story.) It was a fairly decisive victory – albeit close. Ben notched two consecutive wins in the three day race as well as the overall title of “Champion.”

The team once again went out separate ways, with some guys heading north 3+ hours to their various destinations in the Bay area, while the rest of us drove 3 miles home to Clovis, CA. I’m pumped that I had the 3 mile drive after a strenuous weekend of racing.

As I type this, I’m enjoying Planet Java’s chocolate cake beverage. I’m pleased to announce that as a team we’ve worked out way through three frequent coffee buyers cards. That’s 10 drinks per card and thus three free drinks. Today was my day to use the free drink voucher and I decided it’d be lame if I got anything less than Planet Java’s most expensive drink. At $4.35 a pop, I opted for the chocolate cake. Beats me what the heck is in it besides lots of chocolate and sugar! Yum yum.

Now if you don’t mind, I have a raging ice freeze headache so I must go.


  1. Huck

    Dude, i need some of that cake! That looks so tasty, man i could eat a whole one of those right now! Looking forward to seeing you at Redlands bro, and we’ll definitely have to spend more time catching up there!

  2. iamTedKing

    You DO need some of that cake, Mr. Lean. See you in the land of red.

  3. Anonymous

    goood luck today and the rest if you ever come back give use a call yhanks for being cool and yesterday morning (BUTTERSCOTCH) OH YES THIS IS NOAH THE ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. madogg908

    Tell Gleen i said hi along with the rest of the team and im eattin puddin

  5. madogg908



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