Bring on March

The 2007 edition of the Amgen Tour of California is now behind us. The race was an absolutely awesome experience, as we got to race head-to-head against the world’s best. Among other hot shots, the race featured the current road and time trial world champions, the current US national champion, 9 ProTour teams, the world’s top ranked team from 2006, the reigning Olympic champion, and plenty of other fast folks. Besides the racing itself, it was awesome to have so many people following the race from around the country – both people I know and people I got to meet for the first time. Before and after every stage we got the chance to talk to friends, fans, and family who had come to root us on. It was a simply delightful experience. We’re now in Clovis, CA at our host house for the month. Here’s a shot of Tom riding Noah’s bike around the block to loosen up the legs after the ToC.
Noah’s in 3rd grade. Here’s a picture of me testing out Noah’s bike.
Noah’s brother Garrett is in 7th grade. I think it’s safe to say that the two of them know more about the world of professional cycling than anyone else their age. It’s pretty wild. Here’s Garrett taking Scott’s steed out for a spin.
The Nintendo Wii is a pretty incredible invention. This day in age, when child obesity is at an all time high, this high-tech gadget make the user jump around, ferociously swinging their arms burning lots o’ calories in the process. Plus all the games that I’ve had the chance to play are sporting games like tennis, baseball, and golf, instead of the killing games that are apparently plaguing society. Whatever. In any event, this game is fun. Here’s Tommy Z taking on BenO in a tough tennis battle.


  1. Omer Kem

    Clovis is the land of spam….

  2. Huck

    Dude, that photo doing the TT is BAD ASS!!!! Do you want to get any leaner too?! Great job being in the select few to finish for the team, mate, looking forward to seeing you in a week or so, bro!


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