quick follow-up

In lieu of the last paragraph of my last blog entry, I had to chuckle to myself on today’s ride when I saw a sign here in Solvang advertising “Dental Art.”



  1. Anonymous

    Happy almost birthday T$fresh!
    I know I am going to forget tomorrow so I decided that I would wish you a happy happy happy day while it was in my head.
    Ok, so have a terrific time growing older..or less fresh…or something!


  2. Robbie King

    I wonder if with “dental art” you can get fangs? When it comes to teeth, the sky’s the limit.

  3. Anonymous

    Too much time on your hands Teddy.

    you’re the man,
    -Steve O

  4. Anonymous

    Hey man! Happy Birthday! Hope all is going well there! Give Omer a big hug for me 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Teddy!
    Here’s a big piece of chocolate cake!
    Pattie N.

  6. Huck

    Happy B’day bro, welcome to the 24 year old’s club! Where’s my comment for my b’day?!?!?!?!


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