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I haven’t updated el blogarino in a while, so first I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. 2007 has started off well for me; I’m in California now after a very lengthy day of travel on December 31st. We started the day around 3am, then flew from Boston to Los Angeles at 6am, then flew to Oakland at noon, then took a bus to Santa Rosa around 4pm. I stayed up until 9pm local time so that I could wish Mayo a wonderful new year and then it was off to bed. Zonked. Since then, all we’ve done is ride our bikes, which makes it fortuitous that the riding here in Santa Rosa is pretty darn awesome (we = me, Robbie, and Omer). It’s nearly inevitable that we’ll run into lots of climbing, which makes for great training. Plus, although the weather has been relatively cool, it’s still totally manageable and right now we’re on a warming trend. Specificially, we sometimes set out in the morning when it’s in the low 30s, but generally we can bet that it’ll be in the 50s without much difficulty and 60s too.

Among the sites when riding Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties are police warning signs. Most notably, “Speed Checked By Radar.” I see this sign at least a half dozen time daily and it’s beginning to bug me. Now I understand that there are other options for checking speed, like by aircraft or a police just driving alongside a speeding car, but speed checked by radar is the most obvious sign and really goes without saying. I mean honestly, what else is going to happen?! Are there really smart police here, doing calculus derivatives to calculate a maximum speed?!

Sammy Speeder drives by Police Officer Paul at 7:15am. Sammy passes Cory the Cop at 7:39am. If Paul and Cory are parked exactly 20 miles apart and the speed limit on this road is 65mph, does Cory pull over Sammy for speeding? Use calculus to find Sammy’s maximum speed.

I think Paul and Cory deserve tickets for being nerds and Sammy deserves a gold star for smoothly evading two police officers in 20 miles.

My favorite sign found nearby is the one that advertises “Creative Dentistry” …ummm, what?! Look Doc, I think it’s neat that you dyed each my teeth the color of the rainbow, and filed them down to very cool shapes like stars and hearts, but I’d really just appreciate a standard set of chompers. Thanks bud.

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be more timely in my next update.


  1. Anonymous

    I hear that somewhere in Europe they’ve started handing out speeding tickets by checking the time it took for your car to get from the entrance to the highway to your exit, and if your average speed exceeds the limit….


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