Do the 'do

About three months ago Tommy told me that my hair was getting too long. After 90 additional day of growth, I decided that it was time to heed his advice. What follows now is the anatomy of my haircut. To begin, here is my head with about 6 months of growth. I’m not trying to cheat here, so please note that there is a shadow around my head. That said, I do have a pretty sweet afro-in-the-making. No styling gel there, my friends, that’s 100% Teddy!

Next step was the first hair style to choose. I went with an oldie but a goodie. Do you all remember the hands-down, no-questions-asked coolest haircut of the early to mid-90s? I’m talking about the sweet hairstyle that could be found on 97% of all male (and 7% of female) students in elementary schools across the country. Yup, it’s the bowlcut. Call me Lloyd Christmas, because this was one awesome ‘do! To add to my style points, I decided to leave a little something special on the back in the form of a rat tail. Also a thing of beauty.

Now onto the second hair style of day, I opted for the mohawk. The first rendition of this mohawk looked more like a rodent placed on a shaved head, as seen here. (Coindicentally, this picture is of me and Mayo saying goodbye for a long while. It’s also moments away from me departing for a bike ride – that’s not my typical choice of attire.)

In order to kill this rodent afixed to my head, we had to shave it off. Here’s the final product…

…and the deceased rodent:


  1. Anonymous

    Whao! Choice Dooz Urtedking. Lookin fast and ready to race. I’m likin’it. Maybe I’ll get dangerous and shave my legs…


  2. steve-o


    nice hair cut(s).

    how’s life in CA? that’s where you are, right?

    i’m in tucson with myerson, dan v., and a couple of other characters. here through the end of march, so dorp me a note if you’re swinging through town.


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