I have a new favorite coffee shop. It’s not so much the ambiance that I go for, nor the convenient location. It’s not the enormous lounge chair, nor the selection of thoughtless reading material. Nope, it’s simply for the tasty coffee. Perhaps you’ve heard of it… it’s called McDonalds. If you own a television, you’ve seen the ads for McDonalds’ new specialty coffees. I’ve been hesitant to go until today when we got a full page of McDonalds coupons in the mail. I slashed an entire dollar off my medium mocha making the bill a scant $2.01. I think a medium mocha at Starbucks currently checks in around $86-and-change, so I call this a smokin’ (err… steamin’) deal.

So if you need a coffee and don’t feel like paying the extra few bucks for the chance to be seen walking into and out of Starbucks with that white cup in your hand, go to McD’s.



  1. goodstorysteveo

    are you serious? coffee from mcdonalds? i think i may never speak to you again. you don’t have to buy your coffee from fourbucks, but for the love of god, man!

  2. Thor

    Hey Man – I enjoyed catching up with you on the phone the other day while you were at the museum.

  3. Robbie King

    Bargain hunters, unite!


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