Hiiya gang!

Mayo and I paid a visit to Vermont this past weekend for homecoming weekend. That was fun and all, but here are two pictures unrelated to Middlebury.
Here is one where I played slip and slide in a pile of poo!

Just kidding. This was from a cross race at Catamount where the conditions were mud, mud, and mud. I finished 2nd on day one, 3rd on day two, and 2nd in the overall two-race omnium. I’ve now raced three times, so including GC placings, I’ve finished 2nd place three times and 3rd place once. I need to win soon, eh?

In photo numero dos, we have our awesome hosts from Saturday night, the Danforths! On the left raising the roof is Harper. You can tell that it was a rowdy night because Harper removed all but her sox and diaper. Next is Coach, Grant, Dana, me, Ruth, Mayo, and Robbie (Kate took the picture). It was really great seeing the whole gang, especially Chris, Kate, and Harper who I missed the entire summer because I was always on the road.

Lastly, the song of the day is Cementalisque by Peter Adams. It is solid as cement (that’s a complement). Download it.


  1. Huck

    Firstly, you and Robbie need haircuts. Nothing plain and boring, because you have some length to work with – be creative. Secondly, well, i forgot, but nice mud photo, mud is so much fun, i love it!

  2. iamTedKing

    Yeah, I’m growing mine out so that I can make some serious head-art later. It’s the off-season, man… no need to have a fast haircut this time of year!

  3. Austin

    Do you ever take any down time you crazy bastard?

    Still the King,

    Austin King

  4. iamTedKing

    Heck no I don’t! Austin, I’m not training for the 2007 NRC season… I’m training hard for victory in the all hallowed KING’S CUP!

    Start training, fool.

  5. Austin

    NRC? King’s Cup?

    I’m training myself for the triumphs and tribulations of this journey better known as life.

    And along the way, if I can win a King Cup or two (just like I did at Beauce… remember that one?), it’s just added gravy to better sassify my mashed potatoes.


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