Portsmouth Pictures

Here are two cool pictures from the Portsmouth Criterium. I found them thanks to some excellent personal photography (thank you!).

The top one has been titled, “One Bad Ass Leadout.” This is where I lead the entire last lap in hopes of catapaulting Robbie to victory, but I ended up dropping everyone and sprinting to the win.
This one is less interesting, but it looks pretty cool cropped like so…

‘k bye.


  1. Huck

    They are bad ass… BAD ASS!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying the break mate!

  2. Huck

    Couple more things: Those slippers are nearly as good as my Uggies, and there is SO much serenity in that photo, i can tell you are pro! How do you get the canoe back to the shore?

  3. iammking

    Ummm…that lake photo is the best. How ’bout you print a copy for me?


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