And the crowd goes nuts

The article fails to mention, “King wowed everyone in attendance with his remarkable bike skills and 2nd place finish; not too bad for the first time he’s ever raced a cross bike in his life.”


  1. Huck

    Way to go dude! You gotta get the “Debe Hop” going, then they will be all chasing you till the finish line!!!!

  2. iamTedKing

    Yeaaaaah, that requires bike handling skills that I don’t seem to have. I can clear 3 inches no problem. It’s the ones beyond that height that get difficult.

  3. Huck

    did you get my essay of an email?!

  4. iamTedKing

    Yeah I sure did. It was awesome. I’m fully planning on replying, but I need to really think about it for 3-4 weeks, like you did, before sending a response.


  5. Huck

    I’m just glad that we get to at least have contact like this – and it looks like you have heaps of readers! Its pretty much the best thing ever… Wickid! Write back soon please mate. xoxoxoxo

  6. iamTedKing

    sorry buddy, i was gone all weekend. i was so pumped when i saw that I had 5 comments (now 6 thanks to this badboy).

    wicked. talk to you soon.


    Dear Ted King,

    Even though Spokepost didn’t give you the proper credit, I still feel you’re a winner.


    Austin King

  8. Huck

    Lets make it eight – quite possibly an iamTedKing blog record!


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