Sting would be another person who's a hero. The music that he's created over the years.. I don't really listen to it. But the fact that he's making it

Good day! Last week was the end of my season with the Portsmouth Criterium. Robbie and I had the hometown crowd going nuts for us, which was awesome. Therefore, not to disappoint, I won the thing. Read about it here. Here’s a sweet shot during the action by Ken Stejback of me in the foreground and Robbie over my shoulder. The plan was to work for Robbie, but during my ferociously powerful lead-out, I rode everyone off my wheel, so I took home the glory. And the loot.

I’m now watching Regis and Kelly. You could say I’m full of free time. I moved to Rochester, NY last week to be with Mayo. She works full time, so that leaves me with full time of free time.In a few days, my 2 weeks of no riding (i.e. an off-season) will come to an end and I can start training for 2007. Ludacris is going to be on Regis and Kelly in a few minutes, and he’s a badass, so that’ll be a good watch.

It’s now fall, as of 3 days ago, so that means good food. Turkey, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread, apples, baked apples, apple pie, apple streudel… just kidding. Stuffing, potatoes, apples, yams, beans. Yeah. Therefore, in time for the season, I’ve added a picture of me manning our TURKEY FRY-A-LATOR from Thanksgiving 3 years ago. (Be sure to note the moose-head slippers.) I received this propane fueled fryer three years ago because I cordially asked my friend A$ if I could have hers. Her family had one sitting around unused, so I took it off their hands. I highly recommend getting a fryer if you can. The turkey ends up delicious, it takes only about 45 minutes, and it’s fun as heck. Plus the next day, you can fry doughnuts or Twinkies. I’ve done both.

Here’s an artful shot at my grandmother’s lake house in NH. I’m pretty much a professional photographer, as you can tell. Notice the serenity of the lake, complimented by the mightiness of the mountains, accompanied by the peaceful canoe, enhanced by the translucency of the water in the foreground. Dang, that’s talent.


  1. Brent Bookwalter

    ……I respect that” you missed a key part of the quote tedward. nice one though. go zoolander.

    you gonna come kick it with me and sheedy?

  2. akingslife

    Dear Ted.

    Bob Seger is tougher than Sting.

    So am I.


  3. iammking

    Yo…great shot of the lake. Wanna print a copy for me?


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