Muddin' in NH

Here’s a cool picture of the team at the US Pro championship in Greenville, SC. From left to right we have: Mark Olson, the king of comebacks Eddy Hilger, Robbie, Tom Zirbel, co-DS for the weekend Rich England, Brian Sheedy, Jake Rytlewski, and me. Additionally, we have a random guy in the background who’s clearly very pumped about being in the picture. High fives!

So once home, Robbie and I find ourselves constantly doing odd jobs around the house. Mowing lawns is Robbie’s specialty. Our lawn, however, has been suffering from a very weird ailment. This spring there was flooding across much of New Hampshire. Our house survived just fine, but our lawn became a lake for a few weeks. That’s normally just fine, because under normal circumstances, one would expect the water to flow away and/or evaporate come summertime. Not this time, Bubba. Our lawn has been subject to flowing water for the entire summer and is pretty much a mud pit! There are still spots that are dry and able to be mowed, but as seen in this picture, Robbie is taking the Kubota tractor through the muddiest section of the lawn. In fact, Robbie’s Jeep seen in the background was just used about 3 minutes prior to this shot to extract the tractor from axle-deep mud! Horrah for muddin’.

In other news, I’m making room in the bike garage for new bikes by selling off two bikes that I no longer use. Check out my stuff on ebay. Bid now and bid often!

Also, Robbie and I have our last two races of the season here in the NH seacoast area. Friday night we’re at York Beach, ME and Sunday is in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Robbie’s the defending champ for Sunday’s race, so look for the King brother combo to race ferociously fast.


  1. Austin the other King

    Screw the combo… chump your brother.

    That’s what younger brothers are for.

  2. Anonymous

    you won portsmouth!
    you beat cody!
    you are cool!


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