It's True What They Say…

Robbie and I left Michigan in style after three weeks at the Olson’s house. We went to one of the best dinners that I’ve ever had in Kalamazoo with Mark at an awesome place called Bistro 120. If you have the chance to go there, take it. Their portions are as big as their food is delicious… that is to say, HUGE and WICKED GOOD! Back home at the Olson’s, packing up that night as we prepared to head home the next day, I was worried that I wouldn’t have the ability to keep up in the Rockford Criterium since I’d eaten what felt like about 8 pounds of food! Between my huge steak, buttery delicious corn on the cob, creamy garlic smashed potatoes, a cup of chili, and an “it’s pretty much like fudge” chocolate cake, I thought I had reason to worry.

Thankfully my metabolism is in high gear with the end of the season in sight, so my going away meal didn’t interfere with the team’s results at Rockford. I’ll spare you the details of the race, but you can check them out here at Robbie’s PH team blog. Long story short, we housed the race, and went 1 thru 6 and 9th… or something like that. Sure, that makes it sound like the easiest race ever, but it was quite the leg-burner and didn’t come easy. Good work boys! Immediately following the race, Robo and I packed up shop and drove 8 hours due east to Rochester, NY where the love of my life Mayo has recently set up residence and patiently awaits my arrival at season’s end. With a quick night’s sleep and a breakfast burrito at a cozy cafe on the cooler than average Park Avenue in Rochester, we set off again for New Hampshire early Sunday morning. On the way out of town, we quickly stopped at Wegmans – the local grocery store/Wal-Mart. In the parking lot we were treated to a nice surprise with a young gentleman who’s WHEEL HAD COME CLEAR OFF HIS CAR as he rounded a corner. The poor kid is seen here on his phone probably saying, “Errr mom, my car just felt apart. Can you come pick me up?” To add insult to injury, it’s the raining and 50 degrees. Nuts.

I guess it’s true what they say, though: Be sure to securely fasten the lug-nuts on your wheel, or else it might roll off at Wegmans and then it might rain, so be sure to have a raincoat and/or umbrella in your car.

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