Exeter Seacoast Criterium

The Exeter Seacoast Criterium was yesterday and I’d call it a success! I ended up finishing 9th out of a field of about 100 and 3rd in the field sprint. I was pleased with this, but had hopes of coming away the victor before I showed up at the race. Turns out that tons of hot shot teams decided to show up with Fitchburg taking place just 2 days later. Kodak/Sierra Nevada had a handful of riders, as did Nerac.com, TIAA-CREF, SouthAustralia.com, and a bunch of other hotshots. I initiated the winning break, but our group never worked well together (attack, sit up, attack, sit up…), so I decided to save a bit of energy and that’s when the winning move of seven went away.

The race was really great though, with the Teddy King cheering section taking up the majority of the course. It seemed like I heard my name shouted every 15 seconds! Plus my dad got a ride in the pace car with a big, neon green “TEDDY” banner in hand! The weather was great (a sunny day pinched between rain all week) and it was just a really good time. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Pictures coming soon.


  1. Thor

    That’s sounds like a lot of fun, Man. Nice work! I’m heading off to my hometown race today – I don’t think there will be too many Pro teams there though… 🙂
    Oh, nice job at Fitchburg, too. Way to keep stepping it up!

  2. Wesley



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