A Scenic Tour of Washington DC

We drove from CSC (Arlington, VA) to Lancaster (Lancaster, PA) on June 5th, which allowed us the wonderfully cultural opportunity to see our nations capitol, via car. Personally, I found it rather exhilerating seeing these sights first hand… it even gave me goosebumps seeing them! So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the next few minutes of pictures as I take you on the wonderful Tour de DC.

First stop: inside the car! I placed the camera on it’s wicked advanced timer feature on the dashboard and took this picture of the Honda Odyssey’s occupants. Robbie is at the helm, I’m that handsome gentlemen in the passenger seat, and Mayo is in the back looking sharp. The car is actually filled to about 75% capacity, because in addition to us, we have three bikes, food, luggage, and tons of other crap. You can see the bikes nestled nicely against the rear left wall of the car. We had them safely seatbelted in. Smart.

Okay, now we’re rolling! Our hotel in Arlington was really close to all these sights, so the 2+ hour drive to Lancaster featured all the culture you could possibly absorb in the first 10 minutes, and then a pretty boring drive for the next 2 hours. The first sight was the Pentagon. This place is so flippin’ large, that you hardly know what it is as you drive by. It mostly looked like an enormous building, which makes sense because that’s what it is. See the black fence around the outside…? That’s national security at its finest.

The Arlington National Cemetary came soon after. This was a bit eerie since it stretches on and on, pretty much beyond anything imagineable. It’s huge! I should point out that this picture looks so darn professional because I used the handy photoshop editing features on my new laptop to cut out the person running on the right and the cyclist on the left. Very professional, indeed.

One of the last sights is a “TwoFor” (pronounced: too-fer), meaning two-for-the-price-of-one. This is the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial in the same picture! Once again, fancy editing is on display, as I cut out the car and highway in the foreground and then added the words in the sky. I know that because the words are white and are in the sky, they look like clouds… but they’re not. Plus I shortened the words, which sounds kind of cool: Wash Mon and Jeff Mem. Neat, huh?

Lastly, I should point out that throughout this trip, Mayo has been suffering from some pretty severe allergies. Her nose has been a faucet leaking all the time, while still maintaining it’s uncanny ability be fully clogged, too. It really is fascinating. Anyway, during our scenic tour, she was complaining about her leaky nose, so she jammed a wad of tissues up there to stop the spout. Isn’t she beautiful!

That’s all for the tour. Bye bye.


  1. Huck

    Good work on the photo editing mate, did you edit the tissue into the photo of Mayo?

  2. Anonymous

    time for a new update man, stop being lazy, i need some new stuff to read…


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