Laundry in the Line of Fire

Robbie and I drove all over Walterboro to get our laundry clean. We started at the 24Hour Laundry Hut, which was no good because they required laundry cards. We then drove to three motels, all without luck. Next stop was Reid’s grocery store where we got a sweet deal on an enormous jug of detergent, and finally off to the laundromat across town.

The clean laundry in this story is the unexciting part. I had been reading a while waiting for the dryer to do its job when my mind started to wonder. Just when I was thinking that things in this neighborhood looked rather ghetto, I saw a cop chasing a dude around the back of a convenient store right across the street! Cool! (For the sake of ease in the rest of the story, I’ll call the guy being chased, “Bill” and the cop, “Officer Friendly.”) When they came back in sight, Bill sprinted across the street towards us, while Officer Friendly was forced to wait on the original side of the road due to traffic. Huffing and puffing, Officer Friendly looked incredibly winded, so he called his buddies at the station for back-up. Within 60 seconds there were seven police cars strewn about the road and surrounding parking lots. Meanwhile, Bill never continued to flee. He just stayed on the opposite side of the street from the original chase shouting at Officer Friendly.

At this point, one of the cops from the seven partol cars easily grabbed Bill and had him in control. Well, Officer Friendly apparently wasn’t pleased that he had been outrun just minutes before, so he came flying across the street and spear tackled Bill and the cop taking all three to the ground! It was awesome.

Apparently when everything calmed down, I learned that Bill is a little bit crazy and he was being chased for standing on top of Officer Friendly’s car while Officer Friendly was inside the convenient store.

(In the sweet picture, you can see two of the cop cars and a little bit of a scrum of cops and criminals on the ground on the right.)

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