Kwik Update

Hey Gang,
I’m now in lovely Vermont visiting my dearest Mayo. We’re now at her family’s art gallery, which recently got a sweet espresso machine – thanks to me picking it up in New Hampshire. The coffee is great and the wireless is fast… plus the riding here is awesome, so things in Vermont are good.

Robbie and I made it home from TriPeaks in fewer than 36 hours, thanks to IronButt-Ben-Oliver who drove all but 2 hours (when I took over) from Russellville, AR to Michigan. Next, Robo and I drove 17 straight hours from Michigan, through Canada, back to Brentwood. I found it a bit odd that the line of car traffic going east-to-west from NY to Canada in Niagra Falls was twice as long as going into the States. Hooray for homeland security, huh?

And lastly to keep your eyes entertained, here is a picture that came with the “Sample Pictures” on my computer. It’s called Big Wave or Big Surf or something like that.


  1. Huck

    That wave isn’t big dude, back in Oz we surf waves bigger than in Hawaii, and the water is colder, and we are just tougher i guess… It is a gnarly photo dude, and good entertainment. Hang loose, and hang ten homie, and see you in Virginia on Tuesday.

  2. iamTedKing



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