IamTedKing is up-and-at-em! HoooAH.

Okidokie friends, it turns out that people are actually checking this site out. I first signed up on this Blogspot-dealie the other day to keep up with the rest of my team. It seems that most people on the illustrious Priority Health Cycling team are maintaining their Blogspots. Blast, I gotta keep up.

Well news of the day so far is that if you check out the Weather Channel, you’d be soaked and in risk of being struck by a bolt of lightening if you stuck your head out the door. However, if you look out the window, besides the mandatory fog in this part of the country, it looks mostly dry and clear. So we’ve mostly squandered the morning with TV watching and computer using.

The other important news of the day is that Tom Zirbel is leading the Tour of Shenandoah after two of seven stages. He smoked the opening prologue, followed closely by Brent Bookwalter in 3rd. This is important because it shows that our team isn’t just about looking really really good, signing autographs, and presenting ourselves at media events with the utmost class.


  1. Huck

    Put up a good story. We are waiting to hear from ‘the man’!!!!

  2. Huck

    I don’t know why that comment came up twice, but now it looks cool that you have three comments posted on your site!


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