Now that we’ve been at Eddy and Carlee’s for more than one week, we’re pretty much in a set groove that keeps us trucking day after day. Here it is: wake up by 9, go downstairs and use the Starbucks espresso machine, sip something caffeinated while I check emails, if the TVs on, catch up on SportsCenter. Generally by 11 we’re on our bikes riding somewhere around Lookout Mountain. You can either stay up on the ridge, or descend the 1500 feet to “town-level” as I’ll call it, which just means roughly the elevation of Chattanooga and the nearby river. We’re typically back at the Hilger’s house by mid afternoon where we shower/eat/stretch/etc. and hang out with Jackson and Kenzie – two up-and-comers on the Priority Health Team. Just kidding, they’re the Hilger’s 3 year old and 1+ year old kids. They’re absolutely adorable, and while I’ve never been one to go out of my way to hang out with little kids, but this pair is irresistable. They’re incredibly well behaved and I’ve only heard them emit tears from their eyes about one time each. Angels, I tell you.

Continuing on the topic of the Hilgers, the word from recent emails from our team management is that Eddy won today’s 100+ mile road race at the Tour of Shenandoah! (Thereby bringing the number of team victories to two out of three stages.) I’m really not surprised about this stellar performance, because I figured Eddy was fit in California when I first met him, but now that he’s had more training time in early April, the guy is RIPPED! He’s a living, muscular anatomy class! Yeah, Eddy’s pretty much the man. Right out of college he started an ice cream parlor, thereby more or less paralleling my non-cycling dream. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I would really like to do something related to food. So at some point in my life, I’d love to start my own business in some facet of the food industry. For Eddy it was ice cream and for me it’d be chocolate or coffee or some combination of the two… yummmmm mochaaaaaaa.

I apologize, I’ve digressed a bit from telling the story of what we do day-to-day. Next, we hang out with the two youngest Hilgers for most of the afternoon, or if they’re busy napping we can be found reading, or more likely perusing sweet sites like Cyclingnews or eBay. Dinner has been a mix of eating delicious meals from Carlee or fending for ourselves. Then post-dinner we’ve been watching a lot playoff hockey and basketball. Basketball is a pretty lame sport (oh neat another layup), and thankfully our resident Aussie sprinter Tommy Nankervis likes hockey, so we’re slowly spreading the word that a puck beats a big orange ball any day of the week.

Alright, make like a tree and leave. I’m out.


  1. Huck

    Nice read by “The Man” I am enjoying it. I’m gonna make like a stone, cos i rock, bye. Keep the good stuff going.


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